“Old Maid! Time to Get a Cat! The Train Has Left!” My Disastrous Date

It was supposed to be just another date with Kevin, or so I thought. We had already been on four dates, each one seemingly better than the last. Our first date was at a quaint little movie theater downtown, followed by a casual dinner at a local pizza joint. For our third date, Kevin surprised me with a horseback riding adventure in the park, which was both thrilling and romantic. Our fourth date was spent in a cozy café, where we talked for hours, losing track of time. So, when Kevin suggested dinner at a fancy restaurant for our fifth date, I was both excited and nervous.

I spent hours getting ready, picking out the perfect dress and doing my hair. I wanted everything to be perfect. Kevin picked me up at 7 PM sharp, looking dapper in a suit and tie. The restaurant he chose was elegant and upscale, a place I had always wanted to go but never had the chance. We were seated at a private table with a beautiful view of the city lights. The evening started off wonderfully, with Kevin being his charming self, making me laugh and feel at ease.

However, as the night progressed, things took a turn for the worse. We ordered our meals, and while waiting for the food, Kevin’s phone kept buzzing. He tried to ignore it at first, but the constant interruptions seemed to agitate him. Finally, he excused himself to take a call outside. I sat there, alone, feeling a mix of confusion and embarrassment as minutes turned into what felt like hours.

When Kevin finally returned, he was visibly upset but wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. We ate our meal in silence, the earlier warmth and laughter replaced by a cold tension. I tried to make conversation, but Kevin was distant, his mind clearly elsewhere. The romantic evening I had envisioned was crumbling before my eyes.

After dinner, Kevin drove me home in silence. When we arrived, he muttered a quick apology, saying he had a lot on his mind and needed some time alone. I got out of the car, feeling a mix of disappointment and relief that the night was over. I watched as he drove away, a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I went inside, feeling defeated and wondering where things went wrong. Was it something I said? Did I do something to upset him? The questions swirled in my head, but no answers came. I sat on my couch, staring at my phone, half-expecting, half-dreading a message from Kevin. But the phone remained silent.

Days turned into weeks, and I never heard from Kevin again. The ghosting hurt more than the awkward dinner. I replayed our dates in my mind, trying to pinpoint the moment when the fairy tale started to unravel. But no clarity came, only the realization that sometimes, things just don’t work out, no matter how much you want them to.

So, here I am, contemplating my friend’s joking advice: “Old Maid! Time to get a cat! The train has left!” Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. At least a cat won’t leave me sitting alone at a fancy restaurant or drive away without a word.