“I Never Warmed Up to My Daughter-in-Law, But When My Son Decided to Divorce Her, I Intervened”: Yes, Scarlett is a Free Spirit, But She Embraces You for Who You Are

Mrs. Thompson had always prided herself on her ability to keep an open mind. However, when her son, Aaron, announced his engagement to Scarlett, she found her tolerance tested. Scarlett was everything Mrs. Thompson was not: a free spirit, an artist who saw beauty in chaos, and, most notably, not very keen on maintaining a tidy home.

The rare occasions Mrs. Thompson visited Aaron and Scarlett in the city were always a challenge for her. The journey was long and tiring, and the state of their apartment never failed to unsettle her. This time, however, her visit had a more pressing purpose. Aaron had called her a week ago, sounding defeated, saying he was considering divorce. The news had struck Mrs. Thompson with a mix of emotions. Part of her felt vindicated—she had never seen Scarlett as a suitable match for her meticulous son. Yet, another part of her, the part that saw her son’s happiness as paramount, was deeply saddened.

Upon her arrival, Scarlett, ever the gracious host despite the circumstances, welcomed her with open arms. The apartment was in its usual state of creative disarray, with art supplies scattered across surfaces and laundry piled up in corners. Mrs. Thompson bit her tongue, reminding herself why she was there.

Over dinner, Aaron shared his frustrations. “Mom, I can’t live like this anymore. It’s not just the mess; it’s everything. We’re fundamentally different people,” he confessed, looking more defeated than angry.

Mrs. Thompson listened, her heart heavy. She had never been Scarlett’s biggest fan, but she couldn’t deny the love that once blossomed between Aaron and Scarlett. It was a love that accepted, even celebrated, their differences.

“I understand, Aaron. But remember, marriage is about compromise. Scarlett accepts you for who you are. She supports your career, your habits, even your quirks. Have you thought about what you might be losing?” Mrs. Thompson gently prodded.

Aaron was silent. The conversation shifted, but the topic of divorce lingered like a shadow over the evening.

The next day, Mrs. Thompson returned home, hopeful that her words had made an impact. However, weeks later, Aaron called to say he had gone through with the divorce. He sounded relieved, yet Mrs. Thompson detected a note of regret in his voice.

The divorce was amicable, but the fallout was not. Aaron plunged into his work, becoming more reclusive. Scarlett moved out of the city, her vibrant presence now a memory in the apartment they once shared.

Mrs. Thompson’s visits to the city became less frequent. The apartment, now meticulously tidy, felt cold and lifeless without Scarlett’s chaotic touch. Mrs. Thompson couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt. She had intervened, hoping to salvage their marriage, but in the end, her efforts were in vain. Aaron had lost more than a wife; he had lost a part of himself that Scarlett had brought to life.