Vapes and tobacco heating systems — WHO raises alarm!

Of course, anti-advertising, state tax increases and price increases on tobacco products to some extent reduce the number of smokers, but do not free them from addiction. According to all market laws, demand generates supply.

Large companies, including tobacco ones, are actively developing electronic devices that will replace traditional cigarettes. The creation of tobacco heating systems has become elegant in its simplicity. Tobacco is tightly pressed into «sticks», placed in a device that uses electricity to heat the tobacco and evaporate the nicotine in it. There is no direct burning, so the amount of smoke is drastically reduced.

Manufacturers of such devices claim about the «reduced harm» of such tobacco use, although the WHO absolutely disagrees with this statement. There is no evidence that tobacco heating systems are safer than regular cigarettes. New, no less harmful substances from «sticks» have replaced one harmful substances from cigarettes.

The situation is exacerbated by the permission of advertising for such systems, in which the image of a successful and progressive person is created. At the same time, do not forget that addiction when using tobacco heating systems is formed in the same way.

Another alternative to smoking tobacco is electronic cigarettes, known as vapes. These are devices that use electric heating to evaporate a smoking mixture based on glycerin to form dense smoke. In fact, these are «electric hookahs». Unlike tobacco leaves, the «juice» in the vape contains pure nicotine.

There are 2 problems with electronic cigarettes: — lack of standardization of smoking mixtures. They may contain different amounts of nicotine and auxiliary substances, the effect of which on the human body has not yet been studied. — lack of standardization of the devices themselves, which can evaporate the «juice» at different speeds. Some do it faster, others — slower. As a result, nicotine poisoning is possible with careless use.

The most dangerous thing about vapes is that many do not consider them dangerous. The logic of consumers is that this is not cigarette smoke, so it is a safe toy. This opinion is reinforced by the variety of «flavors» of the liquid, they can be fruity, chocolate, sour, sweet… In general, the choice is huge, so for teenagers it becomes something like chewing gum. Nicotine addiction when using a vape is formed in the same way.

The WHO officially states that there are no safe nicotine products. Absolutely all of them have a carcinogenic and toxic effect, which reduces the average life expectancy of people. Evaluate the risks rationally and draw your own conclusions.