Homeopathy — «holy water» worth its weight in gold

Homeopathy is a pseudoscientific branch of alternative medicine. It is based on the principle of «like cures like». It was assumed that substances causing disease in healthy people, in small doses, treat the sick. Agree, the very thought is absurd. From the category if a person has a sore knee, hit him in the stomach.

The technology of these drugs involves diluting the original substance in a solvent, which is repeated dozens and even hundreds of times. Homeopathy supporters believe that water «remembers» what was dissolved in it and possesses the same properties as the diluted substance. It’s scary to imagine what the water in the toilet «remembers» in this case. The expression «pure water divorce» best describes the essence of the process, because sometimes there are no traces of the original substance in the final product.

Research in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, and physics has not found confirmation of any of the principles of homeopathy. Numerous clinical trials have shown that homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo. As a rule, these drugs are expensive, but most of them consist almost entirely of water, alcohol, or sugar. No sane person would call this group of drugs medicinal.

Regulatory bodies in Australia, the UK, Switzerland, and France have ruled that homeopathy is ineffective and recommended discontinuing any further funding for this practice.

In the US, there is not a single homeopathic remedy approved by the FDA. This means that no homeopathic remedy in the US has been tested for safety or effectiveness. Of course, you can convince yourself that these drugs help and maybe even feel improvements. However, this will be nothing more than self-deception, which without adequate treatment can end in complications of the disease.