Assembling a Home First Aid Kit the American Way

We can’t consult every reader, but we’ll give universal advice for assembling a home first aid kit! As a prudent person, you will ask:

«Why should I believe what is written on the Internet?»

The answer is simple — because the drugs from this article are included in the Orange Book FDA 2019. You can check for yourself! Every doctor in the world agrees — the word FDA has absolute authority in medicine. But what does this mean for you? The abbreviation stands for Food and Drug Administration — the agency responsible for the sanitary supervision of the quality of food products and medicines.

This is a division of the US Department of Health, which:

strictly checks the effectiveness and safety of drugscompares the benefits and risks of using drugsconducts research and expertise.

The Orange Book is a list of all drugs approved for use in the US. Getting approval from the FDA is a big victory for manufacturers. Sometimes a drug is approved by similar bodies in the European Union, but the US requires additional checks. We’ve figured out the reliability of the data, now let’s move on to assembling the first aid kit in the best American traditions.

Pain and inflammationIbuprofen — widely used in the US, known in Ukraine, according to FDA data is one of the best options for treating the following types of pain:

headbackwith arthritisMuscletoothmenstrual

To learn more about the functions of pain in the body, its mechanism and the analgesic action of ibuprofen, follow the link. Do not use Ibuprofen with other anti-inflammatory drugs and alcohol! There are many forms of the drug for children and adults.

High temperatureParacetamol — the most widely used drug for treating fever in the US. It has earned recognition with many years of use, minimal side effects and high efficiency. Also, paracetamol combines well with other cold remedies, known to people as «paracetamol teas». This adds versatility to the drug. Remember, the maximum dose of paracetamol is 4 grams per day! Exceeding the dose or taking with alcohol causes liver damage! There are many forms of this drug for adults and children.

CoughAcetylcysteine is recommended by the FDA for the treatment of «wet» cough. Unlike other drugs, it does not dilute sputum with additional fluid, but destroys chemical bonds in it. This leads to a decrease in viscosity and stickiness without increasing the volume of sputum, mucus is easier and faster to cough up. We wrote more about cough in general and acetylcysteine in the article at this link.

Sore throatFlurbiprofen is not just consonant with Ibuprofen — these substances really have a similar chemical structure and mechanisms of action. The difference is that flurbiprofen can be used locally, in the form of a spray or lozenges for sucking. This means that the drug works where it is needed and has a lower risk of side effects. We wrote more about sore throat and flurbiprofen in this article.

Cold runny noseOxymetazoline hydrochloride — is released in the form of a nasal spray. Narrows the vessels in the nose and thereby reduces swelling. Restores breathing through the nose and stops the secretion of mucus. Should be used with caution in heart disease and high blood pressure. Also, it is not recommended to use more than 3-5 days, otherwise you can cause addiction and chronic runny nose. With short-term use, it is safe and effective. We wrote more about the common cold and its treatment in this article.

Allergic rhinitis or rashFexofenadine hydrochloride — FDA approved antiallergic drug. It belongs to the latest to date 3rd generation of antihistamines. How is it different from others? With high efficiency, it does not penetrate the brain, which means it does not show characteristic side effects — drowsiness and slowed reaction. This makes it indispensable for working people and drivers. You can read more about allergies and fexofenadine hydrochloride here.

List of trade names of drugs from the article:

IbuprofenParacetamolAcetylcysteineFlurbiprofenOxymetazoline hydrochlorideFexofenadine hydrochloride