What are the Risks of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Let’s start with the simple — nutrition. Today, only a lazy person is not aware of the harm of vegetable oil, fatty foods, preservatives, stabilizers, and so on. Every day you are convinced that you need to give them up. Just think about what awaits you in this case! Active old age, a toned figure, a youthful appearance, and strong health. Can this be compared to a juicy burger and fries? No, it’s nonsense.

The harm of alcohol is nonsense! Think for yourself, what then is the point of family feasts? To communicate with loved ones? To relax culturally? To restore spiritual balance? No, this is a solution for weaklings! And what then to do with liters of brine in the mother-in-law’s cellar? Better to load your liver to the full and bring it to cirrhosis. Here it is — the act of a real man!

Another nonsense — sports. Wasn’t it enough of skipping rope and football in school times? Oh no, all these lingerie advertising girls and steroid bodybuilders are only needed to lower your self-esteem. Of course, it’s all about genetics and plastic surgeries. Achieving such results naturally is impossible. Continue lying on the couch and complaining about life, because it’s so nice.

And now seriously. Medicine in Europe is aimed at preventing diseases, not treating them. A healthy lifestyle and a conscious attitude to your body are the features of modern society. There is no magic pill that will correct your crimes against your own body. It’s never too late to change your habits, and at the same time, life for the better! If you are just at the beginning of the path — it’s not scary. Starting is always hard. But once you start loving yourself, your body and soul — life will immediately respond with reciprocity. Find the strength to try and see for yourself!