Hypothermia: Turning into an icicle is easier than you think

Outdoor leisure in winter is directly related to the risk of frostbite!

You might think: «What frostbite can there be if the air temperature now does not drop below 0°C?» And this will be your biggest mistake!

Frostbite does not require a very low temperature, although this certainly exacerbates the process. The duration of the cold’s effect on the body is more important.

Let’s figure out together how to protect yourself and your loved ones from frost.

Rule 1: The further a part of the body is from large vessels — the faster it freezes. The first to suffer are the ears, nose, fingers of hands and feet. Therefore, they must be protected — wear a hat, gloves, warm socks, and shoes.

Rule 2: Clothes should be spacious and thick. Take a down jacket for example — there is a lot of air in its lining among the filler, which creates insulation and retains heat in your body. The same applies to woolen items. The «fluffier» — the better.

Rule 3: Dress in the «onion» type — for example, a tank top, turtleneck, sweater, jacket. They do not have to be very thick, the most important thing as in the previous advice — to create space between layers of clothing to retain heat.

Rule 4: Spacious shoes and woolen socks. Again, we create an air layer between our body and the external environment. In addition, woolen socks absorb moisture well.

Rule 5: Maintain dryness. If your clothes and shoes are wet — you will freeze much faster. Return to the room as soon as possible and change clothes.

Rule 6: No alcohol outside! You may be surprised now, but alcohol does not warm up at all. This is a myth that has claimed many lives. Remember your skin in the cold — it turns pale sharply. This happens because the body narrows blood vessels to reduce heat loss.

What happens when alcohol enters the body? The vessels expand and the person begins to freeze. Of course, it seems that it becomes warmer — the perception of cold is distorted and the rush of blood to the limbs «warms up».

The drunker a person becomes — the more heat he loses, the less he realizes and assesses the situation. If he lies down «to rest» in the snow — he will not wake up anymore. Even the presence of snow is not necessary, a drunk person who fell asleep on the street at +5°C can freeze to death in the same way.

Hypothermia significantly reduces local immunity, in this case, you can get sick. In this case, it will be useful to know how cough is treated in the USA.